Thanks to its cutaneous expertise, the Laboratory BIO-EC offers since 2006 to carry out penetration studies of your actives, formulations or finished products according to the guidelines of the OECD 428. These studies allow you to know precisely the percentage of penetration of your product in each compartment of the skin.

We also suggest you follow the nanoparticles alone or in products and evaluate their penetration to give you more information about their ability to penetrate the skin.

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Do not hesitate to contact us for any requests for information, the commercial and technical team will provide you with a protocol customized to your needs.

Skinobs talks about it


Skinobs publishes on our latest novelty presented at In cosmetics in Amsterdam: the Stressosome !

BIO-EC Laboratory offers you thanks to its exclusive tools, the Pollubox® and the Solarbox® and a set of conventional technologies (UV lamp, IR lamp…), to test ex vivo the efficacy of your product from the application of combined stress (stressosome):

  • different pollutants (heavy metals, diesel particles…),
  • cigarette smoke,
  • blue light, 
  • ozone, 
  • UVA or UVB, 
  • IR …

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