BIO-EC Laboratory attended the 25th IFSCC conference that took place in Milan from September 30 to October 2 ! BIO-EC team has presented a poster : “A new way to investigate the collagen glycation process through its optical properties”. We were also invited to make a presentation at the Podium session LT15 : “Air pollution alters the physicochemical properties of skin surface and affects the physiology of the epidermis in a layer-specific manner”. Do not
BIO-EC Laboratory will celebrate its 20th anniversary at the Cosmetic 360 ° trade show. It would be a great opportunity to highlight it’s 20 years of expertise in the service of the cosmetic industry, food supplements and medical devices. He will present his latest exclusive Perfex vivo model, recently unveiled at the IFSCC congress in Munich, to perform biometric measurements normally reserved for in vivo in ex vivo on living human skin explants, and to study

IFSCC Munich 2018

Posted by BIO-EC on 30 August 2018

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BIO-EC laboratory will participate to the IFSCC 2018 in Munich where it will present its latest model ex vivo, during the Skin Biology session, to carry out studies on the stratum corneum in real atmospheric conditions (outside the incubator). For those who are curious to know more about it, our conference will take place on wednesday, september 19th from 2:15 pm to 2:45 pm. Our partner Genex will also present a conference on Thursday 20
For its third participation in the Cosmetic 360 ° exhibition and thanks to its proximity with the Cosmetic Valley, BIO-EC Laboratory will associate this event with the festivities in honor of its 20 years of activity in the service of cosmetics efficacy tests, complements food and medical devices. “Today, our company is a major player in the field of cosmetic substantiation, both ex vivo and in vivo. These 20 years of existence have been marked
Thanks to its cutaneous expertise, the Laboratory BIO-EC offers since 2006 to carry out penetration studies of your actives, formulations or finished products according to the guidelines of the OECD 428. These studies allow you to know precisely the percentage of penetration of your product in each compartment of the skin. We also suggest you follow the nanoparticles alone or in products and evaluate their penetration to give you more information about their ability to
schema Skinobs publishes on our latest novelty presented at In cosmetics in Amsterdam: the Stressosome ! BIO-EC Laboratory offers you thanks to its exclusive tools, the Pollubox® and the Solarbox® and a set of conventional technologies (UV lamp, IR lamp…), to test ex vivo the efficacy of your product from the application of combined stress (stressosome): different pollutants (heavy metals, diesel particles…), cigarette smoke, blue light,  ozone,  UVA or UVB,  IR … To know more contact us !