In Vivo objectivation

Tailor-made efficacy studies

Since 2006 BIO-EC Laboratory has been offering you in vivo studies on a panel of healthy volunteers representative of the population in terms of age and skin types. To meet more specific requests, we also have ethnic panels. All our studies are carried out in France.


« before and after » photographs for your objectivation requirements

Our laboratory is equipped with a large number of biometrology tools (corneometer, tewameter, AEVA-HE, etc.) enabling objectivation of cosmetic and dermatological claims.

Our cutaneous know-how today enables us to offer you detailed studies for reliable, impartial, high-quality results in compliance with Good Clinical Practice, for your objectivation requirements relating to:

  • care ranges
  • make-up
  • hair ranges
  • food supplements
  • medical devices

For your tolerance tests our studies can be carried out under dermatological and ophthalmological supervision.

Our dermatologist, an expert in cosmetology, provides a critical view and uses cosmetic notions when appreciating the activity of your products.

A unique biometrology/histology association

Our cutaneous expertise enables us today to make our in vivo studies more thorough thanks to the histological and IT analysis of the samples taken during a study.

The specificity of our laboratory’s in vivo studies is founded on the development of surface sampling techniques providing complementary results to the biometrical results and enabling recourse to biopsies to be avoided.

Assisting you in your regulatory processes

In the case of interventional studies our laboratory can offer you comprehensive assistance when filing your dossier with the ANSM (French Agency for Medicines and Health Products Safety) and the CPP (Protection of Persons Committee).

Our tools and techniques


Measurement of the hydration of the corneal layer.


Measurement of the skin’s mechanical properties (elasticity, firmness).


Measurement of the Trans-Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL).

Moisture Map®

Visual measurement of the distribution of hydration and analysis of the micro-relief of the epidermis.

Diagnoskin® System – BIO-EC Exclusivity

Microscopic evaluation of desquamation.

Microscopic evaluation of the micro-relief with visualisation of the repairing of the cutaneous barrier and determination of a physiological age.

Surface samples


  • Maturation of the corneocytes,
  • Carbonylated proteins,
  • Ceramides,
  • Lipids, etc.

Assays :

  • Heavy metals
  • MDA


Analysis of the skin hydration rate and of the condition of the cutaneous barrier by spectroscopy.

AEVA-HE® associated with 4D bench

Measurements, by 3D digitalisation of the body and face, of variations in volumes, forms, textures, wrinkles, etc. thanks to the fringe projection system.

EvaTherm® thermal camera

Measurement of the cutaneous surface temperature

Silflo® Imprint

Elastomer replica enabling the width, depth and volume of the cutaneous relief to be measured thanks to the fringe projection system.


HD photographs enabling the texture of the skin, the quantity and intensity of the wrinkles, the brown specks, the quantity and dimensions of the pores, the porphyrins, red specks, etc. to be measured

HD photographs enabling the colour of rings around the eyes, resistance of make-up, coverage of a sun filter, etc. to be illustrated


Measurement of the density of collagen, melanin and haemoglobin.


Sensor enabling the anisotropy index to be measured.


Measurement of the intensity of colour, (a*, b*) and the lightness (L*).

GP150® Goniospectro-

Measurement of the colour, of special effect shades and the shine of the skin (L*a*b*C*h° and ΔE*).


Film enabling lipids of sebaceous origin to be collected and before and after-type type photographs to be obtained.


Measurement of the quantity of sebum by photometry (obtaining a score).




Measurement of the density of the dermis (%) and of the thickness of the epidermis (μm).


Measurement of the density, the thickness of hairs or hair, evaluation of the various hair growth phases (anagen, catagen, telogen).


Microscopic examination of the bulbs, the roots and the diameter of (body) hair and measurements of the melanin load.

Scanning electron microscope

Analysis of the structure of hair, of scales and of split ends.

Clinical scoring using the Evalux Bench® table

Evaluation of the effect experienced, of the efficacy and of the cosmetic quality of the product via a web interface.

Evaluation questionnaire

Evaluation of the effect experienced, of the efficacy and of the cosmetic quality of the product via a web interface.

Stinging test

Subjective self-assessment of the stinging sensation by the volunteer.

Adhesion of particles

Measurement of the adhesion of particles by applying a powder (of known grain size) replicating pollution, followed by photographs taken before and after the products are applied.

DHA test 

Measurement enabling the cutaneous regeneration to be determined.

Medisol® LED lamp

Lamp replicating actual conditions of exposure of the skin to blue light (420-470 nm). Measurement of the pigmentation caused by the exposure.

All our in vivo studies can be accompanied by a usage test, i.e. appreciation of the effect experienced, of the efficacy and of the cosmetic quality of the product by the volunteer. All our studies may also be carried out under dermatological and ophthalmological supervision.


Hydrating and regenerating products

Your claims

Hydrating effect/regeneration of the cutaneous barrier functions/nourishing effect/reduction of uncomfortable sensations

Parameters measured

  • Hydration rate of the stratum corneum
  • Distribution of the hydration
  • Texture of the epidermis
  • Condition of the cutaneous barrier
  • Hydration/desquamation scoring
  • Ceramides
  • Lipids
  • Quality of the lipid bilayer
  • Clinical scoring


Measurement of hydration using the MoistureMap®

Surface sampling

Observation of D’Squams (Diagnoskin system)

Carbonylated proteins from surface samples before application of a product

Carbonylated proteins from surface samples after application of a product

Anti-aging products

Your claims

Anti-wrinkle/lifting/smoothing/restructured effect/redraws the oval of the face/toning/remodelling/visible reduction of the signs of ageing.

Parameters mesured

  • Volumes, shapes, textures of the wrinkles
  • Quantity and intensity of the wrinkles
  • Texture of the skin
  • Elasticity
  • Firmness
  • Structure of the micro-relief
  • Determining a physiological age
  • Collagen density
  • Anisotropy index
  • Density of the dermis
  • Thickness of the epidermis
  • Clinical scoring
AEVA-HE® face fringe projection

4D AEVA-HE® visualisation bench

Cutaneous micro-relief (Diagnoskin system)


Contour of the eyes

Your claims

Anti-rings/anti-bags/smoothing effect/reduction of lines, of rings and/or of bags/reduction of signs of fatigue/eyelid lifting/radiant look

Parameters mesured

  • Volumes, shapes, textures of wrinkles and bags/rings
  • Colour and lightness of rings
  • Quantity and intensity of wrinkles
  • Clinical scoring

Tested under ophtalmic supervision

Suitable for people who wear contact lenses.

VISIA-CR® eye contour photo

Complexion correctors

Your claims

Anti-specks/lightening/shade brightness/self-tanning effect/evening/long-lasting/attenuation of red specks/soothing/anti-rosacea

Parameters mesured

  • Visualisation of melanin
  • Visualisation of haemoglobin
  • Skin colour and lightness
  • Texture
  • Brown specks
  • Intensity of red specks
  • Clinical scoring

Visualisation of melanin using D’Squam before treatment

Visualisation of melanin using D’Squam after treatment

Sensitive skin products

Your claims

Soothing/repairing/dermoprotective effect/reduction of discomfort sensation

Parameters mesured

  • Stinging test
  • Desquamation condition
  • Analysis of red specks
  • Condition of the cutaneous barrier
  • Maturation of the corneocytes
Stinging test

Maturation of corneocytes from surface samples

Maturation of corneocytes from surface samples

Maturation of corneocytes from surface samples

Anti-pollution products

Your claims

Anti-pollution/detoxifying/protective/repairing effect/tone brightness/complexion/evening/anti-ageing/particle adhesion limit

Parameters mesured

  • Carbonylated proteins
  • Maturation of the corneocytes
  • Heavy metal and MDA assays
  • Condition of the cutaneous barrier
  • Adhesion of particles
  • Texture of the skin
  • Lightness of the skin

Skin before application of coal particles

Skin after application of coal particles

Anti-blue light products

Your claims

Anti-blue light/protective effect

Parameters mesured

  • Visualisation of melanin
  • Skin colour and cleanness
  • Clinical scoring
Exposure to blue light using the Medisol® lamp

Measurement of the colour by spectrocolourimeter  

Exposure to blue light

Cleaning products and Make-up removers

Your Claims

Cleaning effect/removal of make-up residues/cleanliness sensation

Paramèters mesured

  • Texture of the skin
  • Quantity of lipids on the surface of the skin
  • Quantity of sebum
  • Standardised photos: application of a fluorescent powder model before use of the product enabling its efficacy to be visualised.

Tested under ophtalmic supervision

Suitable for people who wear contact lenses.

Efficacy of a make-up remover

Peelings and exfoliant products

Your claims

Exfoliant/scrubbing/anti-imperfections effect/reduction of pore size/smoother skin/refined skin texture

Parameters mesured

  • Removal of dead skin
  • Skin texture
  • Cutaneous regeneration

D’Squam dry skin

D’Squam hydrated skin

Greasy and acneic skin

Your claims

Anti-imperfections/seboregulating/purifying effect/reduced shine/astringent effect

Parameters mesured

  • Quantity of lipids on the surface of the skin
  • Quantity of sebum
  • Blackheads
  • Yeasts
  • Follicular keratoses
  • Skin texture
  • Quantity and dimension of the pores
  • Porphyrins
  • Skin clarity

Tested under dermatological and ophtalmic supervision

From surface samples: Blackheads

From surface samples: Porphyrins

From surface samples: Follicular keratose

From surface samples: Yeasts

Slimming products

Your claims

Slimming/anti-cellulite/anti-sponginess/anti-orange peel/draining/smoothing/remodelling effect/inches loss/toning/sculpting/refining effect

Parameters mesured

  • Circumference
  • Fat loss
  • Volume loss
  • Texture
  • Thickness of the subcutaneous adipose tissue (μm)
  • Standardised photographs: bodily condition before and after application of the product.
  • Body weight check

AEVA-HE® body fringes projection

Hair-removal products

Your claims

Anti-regrowth/refining effect/removal of all hair/smoothness sensation/reduction of the number of hairs

Parameters mesured

  • Density
  • Thickness
  • Size

Medical hair removal equipment



Your claims

Evened and corrected complexion/mattifying effect/healthy complexion effect

Parameters mesured

  • Redness
  • Specks
  • Skin texture
  • Skin colour and clarity
  • Clinical scoring

Clinical scoring of the face


Your claims

Volumising/long-lasting/intense colour effect

Parametrers mesured

  • Length
  • Resistance of the product
  • Colour intensity
  • Brightness
  • Clinical scoring

Visia-CR® mascara photo


Your claims

Non-stick/non-greasy/non-transfer/long-lasting/intense colour effect

Parametrers mesured

  • Resistance of the product
  • Colour intensity
  • Clarity
  • Clinical scoring

Visia-CR® lipstick photo


Your claims

Long-lasting/intense colour/quick drying effect

Parameters mesured

  • Resistance of the product
  • Colour intensity
  • Brightness
  • Clinical scoring

Visia-CR® gloss photo


Anti-whitening products

Your claims

Repigmenting effect/limiting of the appearance of white hair

Parameters mesured

  • % of white hair
  • Microscopic examination of the bulbs
  • Melanin
  • Hair colour and brightness
  • Clinical scoring

Anti-alopecia products

Your claims

Anti-loss/densifying effect

Parameters mesured

  • Density
  • Evaluation of the various phases of hair growth
  • Microscopic examination of the bulbs
  • Diameter
  • Clinical scoring

Detection using Trichoscan®


Anti-dandruff products

Your claims

Anti-dandruff/deep cleaning/regenerating/fortifying effect/sensation of immediate and lasting freshness/scalp protection effect

Parameters mesured

  • Desquamation of the scalp
  • Standardised photographs of the vertex
  • Clinical scoring

Visualisation of dandruff

Anti-seborrheic products

Your claims

Purifying/deep cleaning/seboregulating effect/immediate and lasting freshness sensation

Parameters mesured

  • Quantity of lipids
  • Quantity of sebum
  • Clinical scoring

Sebum analysis

Treatment & Care

Your claims

Volumising/shine effect/colouring resistance/smoothing/hydration/repair/restructuring/ supporting/fortifying/soothing/long-lasting effect

Parameters mesured

  • Colour and brightness of hair
  • Hair structure
  • Scales
  • Split ends
  • Water content
  • Standardised photographs of the vertex
  • Clinical scoring

Visualisation of the scales

Food supplements & Medical devices

BIO-EC Laboratory has a location authorisation issued by the ARS (Regional Health Authority) permitting us to take charge of your studies on medical devices (class I, IIa and IIb), food supplements and tattooing products.

We undertake to offer you a tailor-made cost estimate, depending on the objectivation sought for your product.

We can assist in your regulatory processes with the ANSM and CPP (Protection of Persons Committee) by constituting and filing your regulatory dossier.

Clinical scoring of teeth

Medical devices

Food supplements