BIO-EC Laboratory develops and strengthens in vivo activity set up since 2006!

BIO-EC Laboratory expends the line of in vivo techniques and tools to prove your cosmetic claims on healthy volunteers. We also opened a new laboratory space (dermatologic and ophthalmologic room, room of acquisition limiting the bright interactions, room of measures under controlled atmosphere…) to realize as quickly as possible and in the best conditions all your in vivo substantiation studies.

BIO-EC Laboratory has an expertise in substantiation of cosmetic, dermo cosmetic, capillary products and medical devices. Our in vivo website page will allow you to take notice of all the possibilities available to you!

You want to get marketing images out of the ordinary? Discover the possibilities offered by explant light interferometry topography. It makes it possible to objectify your products with immediate effect (filling, smoothing or softfocus products) quickly and with an exceptional visual effect!

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Come to discover our novelties, especially the use of the autophagy as a new way to prove the protector effect of your products from the environmental aggressions, on the COSMETIC 360° tradeshow the 18 and 19th October at Carrousel du Louvre in Paris.

We will be present on the booth J5 with our partner GENEX, expert in cosmetogenomics projects ( to discuss about your test projects in live.

In exclusivity, we will unveil the interface of our new website designed to offer you a simple navigation and a clear vision on our solutions dedicated to industrialists.

Do not hesitate to contact us to schedule an appointment with us during the show!

You can download your visitor badge for free at www.cosmetic-360 with the code VISIT36017.

The BIO-EC laboratory participates in the 24th edition of the IFSCC which will take place from 23 to 25 October in Seoul!

You will be able to discover our 4 posters:

  • “Development of a new model of air pollution”
  • “Nanoparticles detection and follow-up in the human skin explant”
  • “The Solarbox, an innovative device to investigate the effect of the blue light on the ex vivo skin explants”
  • “Immediate effects of cosmetics on skin surface highlighted by nanoscale topography on ex vivo human skin”

Do not hesitate to contact us for the pdf version of these posters if you want to know more!

The skin is daily subjected to various stresses, such as pollution, cigarette smoke, UVA, UVB… which alter cells.


These cell recycling/detoxification pathways represent markers for monitoring the impact of these stresses on cells.

Indeed an aggression will stimulate these paths. A protective product may prevent the formation of damaged material within the cell and thus limit the activation of autophagy and mitophagy.

Specific markers are:
LC3B, autophagy central protein,
P62, main substrate,
PINK1, mitophagy specific marker.

Additional markers such as MT1H, AhR, NRF2, HO-1, MDA… can also be studied in parallel to support your results.

BIO-EC Laboratory proposes to objectify the efficacy of your products through autophagy and / or mitophagy against environmental aggressions using:
– l’utilisation de la Pollubox® (Pollubox® newsletter),
UVs irradiation.

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How objectify your product on the microbiota ?

The skin barrier is essential for survival, preventing dehydration and invasion by infectious or toxic substances. The skin is also a complex habitat for a diverse population of microbiota. At the beginning of life, the skin is colonized by a wide range of microbes, many of which are commensal or symbiotic and contibute as much to the maintenance of homeostasis (commensal flora / pathogenic flora balance) as to cutaneous pathologies.

The skin is composed of a variety of niches, including areas with a wide range of pH, temperature, humidity, and sebum content that can be associated with their own microbiota and biofilms (bacteria + extracellular matrix). Many sources of data suggest a role of microorganisms in non-infectious skin diseases, such as atopic dermatitis (AD, eczema), rosacea, psoriasis and acne, hence the need to maintain the balance of microbiota.

Different types of protocols can be used to monitor the colonization ability of bacterial species, biofilm formation or antibacterial effect before / after treatment with an active or a finished product.

We can realize different types of tests:

  • impact of your product on bacterial adhesion
  • impact of your product on bacterial growth
  • impact of your product on the formation of biofilms
  • in vivo studies
  • genomics studies

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